6 Best Instagram Alternative Apps To Share Your Pics

By | June 5, 2018

If you are the user of Instagram but seeking for the changes or wanted to shift towards other applications, then this is the platform where you can make use of it. Generally, we could see a lot of options to share the images or videos in the Instagram with filter options to edit.

The editing capability of this application brings you the rich quality of outcome. In case, if you are bored of using this application for most of the time, then here we are sharing some of the alternative applications of Instagram. Hope the listed alternative applications of Instagram will bring you satisfaction with different features. You can also download & install Gb Insta for Android, if you are fed up with the default IG app. Let’s follow some of the alternatives of Instagram are

List Of Instagram Alternative Apps You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Snapseed

If Boredom of using an Instagram for editing the photos? You can make use of the alternative application called Snapseed. It is mainly said to be the photo editing application where you can fine-tune the images as per your wish with various adjustments and adding effects. Like how the quality of a picture is getting in the iPhone, you can find the same by using this application at anytime without hassles. Here, you can find a lot of image enhancing effects for standard photos to save.

2. Pixlr Express plus

It is the application available for adjusting the lighting, balancing color, filters and more. This powerful application brings you a lot of features to experience on your device. If you are looking for this application to download, then it is possibly available for free. Once it is installed on your device, then you can explore various color tones on your photos to save. At the same time, it is absolutely easy for the user to access it further when it comes to editing the images.

3. Adobe photoshop express

By using this application, you can find a lot of advanced effects. This application has more than 20 filters to use while editing the photos. Also, it has the option shooting mode where you can experience the best than expected. For the rick quality of photos, you can use this application at any time. Also, it is absolutely free to download. People who want to use other application to use rather than visiting Instagram, then use this application.

4. Flickr

When you are on the go to edit or sharing the photos, then Flickr is the application where you can handle it. With the usage of Flickr, you can easily shoot, upload as well as geotag your photos. Now, the Flickr is come up additionally with the options of caption and few filters to use. For your information, it doesn’t have more editing features which are available on Instagram. However, for simple edit and sharing, then this could be the best choice at free of cost.

5. Oggl

It is such a perfect application considered to be the alternative application of Instagram. By using this application, you can explore and collect the photos. At the same time, you can also tell a story through your respective photography.

With the help of histamatic filters, you can bring the best quality of a picture. However, it is also possible of taking the photos with the built-in camera. When it comes to downloading this application, you can then download it for free and use it on your device.

6. Twitter

It is considered to be one of the best applications to download on your device. While searching for the alternative app of Instagram, then Twitter could be at the top of the list. Here you can take a picture and share it with right caption. However, you can also find the option to edit the pictures using various filters. It is the application where you can upload the photos and share it with your followers as well. It is absolutely easy for the user to access at free of cost.


Most of the people aren’t aware of finding the alternative applications of Instagram. If you are the one with lots of doubts and hassles, then have a look at the above-mentioned alternatives. Hope it would be useful for all the seekers that who all are searching for a long time. At the same time, you can find a lot of editing options to bring your photo best.

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